Getting Started

Dr. Khaimov is a board certified psychiatrist and doctor of osteopathic medicine, who remains committed to the principals of this field, with a whole-person perspective.

As a psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist, Dr. Khaimov approaches the assessment and care of his clients with depth and breadth, incorporating a systems approach (assessing and treating the system of school and work, peers, romantic partners, family, parents, etc). He incorporates a number of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral and relaxation techniques. He frequently works in concert with both other therapists and other medical doctors as indicated and with full consent.

Dr. Khaimov will educate those clients interested in utilization of certain products like vitamins, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, diet, and exercise for symptom improvement. Exercise (especially aerobic exercise and martial arts), nutrition and healthy eating habits, and yoga/meditation are encouraged as well. Cultural and spiritual factors are integral to one's being and therefore to one's assessment and treatment.

Dr. Khaimov maintains a private office. You can be assured of discretion and confidentiality.

If you are interested in his services, please call (917) 551-6652.


Prior to your first visit with Dr. Khaimov, you will be asked to download, print and fill out assessment forms. Please bring these forms with you to your first visit. The purpose of these useful assessment tools is to obtain more clarity into the nature and cause of the problem. They will take roughly one hour to complete.

The initial thorough consultation will last an hour to an hour and a half. During this time many aspects of your problem will be explored such as, immediate complaints, past psychiatric, family, personal and medical history. Dr. Khaimov will closely work with you in order to prepare a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Additional laboratory tests and specialist referrals may be ordered, if it is necessary. You are encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of your treatment.


Dr. Khaimov provides individual psychotherapy within particular areas of expertise, and upon request. Psychotherapy is a general name for a host of 'talk therapies' including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, parent training, and play therapy. Dr. Khaimov also helps with complementary and alternative therapy referrals for patients who require a higher intensity of care.


Medications are often necessary in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Dr. Khaimov offers medication management for the treatment of depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, disruptive behavior disorders, adjustment disorders, and psychosis (distortions in a person's ability to perceive reality). It takes skill and mutual patience to recommend harmless medication at the lowest dosage to serve a specific purpose. In some situations, new patients come in to review existing medications to ensure proper dosing or dose reduction.

There is nothing more gratifying than observing significant improvement and complete remission of symptoms in many of Dr. Khaimov’s patients.

Contact Information:
11 Grace Avenue, Suite 204
Great Neck, NY 11021
ph: 917-551-6652
fax: 917-477-2278